Trademark protection: Lessons from Cadbury, Nestle and Steiff

The decision of the British Court of Appeal last October to refuse the registration of Cadbury’s trademark application for a specific shade of purple used on its chocolate products, received deservedly a lot of attention from intellectual property (IP) practitioners worldwide. On the basis of lack of certainty, the Court of Appeal caused even more uncertainty by disallowing the exclusive use of a shade of purple that has traditionally been Cadbury’s prerogative.

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Cyprus International Trusts: Modernized and Reborn

Cyprus International Trusts (“CIT's”) have evolved considerably since 1992 when they were formally introduced in Cyprus legislation. The 1992 Law was not a self-contained law but it built on the 1955 Trustees Law, Cap.193 which is almost identical to the English Trustees Act of 1925.

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Protection of innovation: The Commercial Reality Aspect

What do Skype, Facebook, lung medicine “Pulmicort” and a pacemaker have in common? They are all the result of research and innovation. Moreover, they represent items of protected intellectual property (“IP”).

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