Technology Law

Nicholas Ktenas & Co LLC recognizes the growing importance of digital technologies in business and all the potential legal issues arising from them. Technology allows for a faster and more efficient means of communication and transfer of information and generally helps businesses increase productivity and efficiency. Technology is also used to protect personal and financial information as well as confidential proprietary information and trade secrets that leads to competitive advantages.

Keeping up with legal developments and adapting legal practices to the rapid technological changes of the world we live in constitute one of the biggest challenges in the legal profession.  Our team specializes in all aspects of technology law, be it data protection, intellectual property rights, or software licensing.

Our team can provide you with a wide range of legal services related to technology, which include:

1. Privacy and Data Protection

  • Legal advice and consultation on GDPR and national data protection laws,
  • Full GDPR assessment and compliance (including awareness, privacy notices and policies, etc)
  • Liaising and legal representation before the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection.

2. Cybersecurity

  • Legal advice and consultation on implementation of the Network Information Security Directive, Cybercrime, etc.
  • Regulatory matters (compliance, liaising and representation before the relevant authorities, etc)

3. eCommerce

  • Legal advice and consultation
  • Terms and conditions of sale for long distance contracts
  • Terms and conditions of website

4. Electronic Communications

  • Legal advice and consultation on electronic communications law
  • Regulatory matters (compliance, liaising and leal representation before the authorities, etc)

5. IT Contracts

  • Legal advice and consultation
  • Contracts relating to IT sector (Software development/ licensing/ maintenance agreements/ Wi-fi Terms and Conditions of Use, etc)

6. Intellectual Property law

  • Legal advice and consultation
  • Drafting License Agreements, IP Transfer/ Assignment Agreements
  • Registration and assignment perfection (Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs, etc)
  • IP litigation and enforcement (cease and desist, trademark infringement, passing off actions, etc)

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